The Head Torturer is a major (but officially unnamed) antagonist in the 2008 torture-horror known as Train : he is the largest, most vicious member of an entire gang of torture-killers with a sinister plot to capture tourists and use them as living organ donors for paying customers.

While the leader (a self-proclaimed doctor ) sees herself as helping people the Head Torturer is a much more openly evil man, unlike the demented pair of minions who serves as extra antagonists the Head Torturer is very much serious in all his work and obeys his superiors (even willing to climb atop a moving train by request of the conductor so as not to "disturb" any passengers as he's dragging victims to a torture-chamber).

He is also, by far, the most durable and monstrous of the group - capable of surviving a fire and having his stomach sliced with an axe - it took the force of an entire train to end his life (even then he had to be tied to the tracks by the lone surviving protagonist).


  • Castrated a victim and stitched him back, forcing him to live in a cage (presumably to be sold as a slave or worse)
  • slit the spine of a victim to paralyse them during torture
  • performed open surgery on a victim, when the victim screamed he tore out his tongue and let him choke on his blood.
  • punched a victim repeatedly and tore out piercings on nipples.
  • killed a victim with a heavy boulder, crushing their skull.
  • went into a berserker fury at the end of the film after the lone survivor destroyed the train and killed all other members of the gang, he tried to beat her to death with his bare hands but was ultimately overpowered when she cut his stomach with an axe : yet he still refused to die, forcing her to knock him out long enough to finally end him by tieing him to the tracks, where a passing train destroys him.