And just think, all we had to do to beat our fairy enemies was to rip a clown child away from his super-hialarious destiny and convince him that fun wasn't fun and that boring was fun. A really dumb clown. *dull laughter*
~ H.P. to Sanderson
Head Pixie, also known as H.P, is the manager and boss of
Head pixie
Pixies Inc. in Pixie World and is voiced by Ben Stein. He is a supporting antagonist in The Fairy Oddparents, the main antagonist of the 2005 movie School's Out! The Musical, and is one of the main antagonists of the 2008 sequel Fairly OddBaby.

He is voiced by Ben Stein


Head Pixie is the boss of Pixies Inc. and de facto leader of the Pixie race. His assistant is Sanderson and together, they always try (and fail) to make the
Earth a dull and boring place. Ironically, he is also a rapper.


Head Pixie, like all Pixies, wears a grey business suits and pointy hat. (So far, only his doubles as a pen.) However, H.P. appears older than most Pixies,
a satire of the cliche business man since he is in charge of all Pixies in Pixie World.


He has a very dry sense of humor, and laughs in a very lone and dry boring monotone voice, even when he gasps in shock or screams. Like all Pixies, he
treats magic like a business and always uses his magic as a way to make profit and gain what he wants.


In almost all of his appearances, he's always tried to take over Fairy World ever since they managed to buy it out in Pixies Inc. until Timmy won their bet in mini
golf for a wish.

Since then, he always devised plans through contracts and plans that took over 37 years to try and accomplish his goal, and to this end, no avail. In fact, he and Sanderson are the main antagonists of "Schools Out: The Musical", were it is revealed that had planned for over three decades a way to make Earth boring and cut the fairies off from their godchildren, using Flappy Bob and his Learn-a-Torium to accomplish this. Timmy was able to sway Flappy Bob to his side, and the Pixies' plan failed.

H.P. and Anti-Cosmo are the main antagonists of Fairly Odd Baby, where they planned to capture the first Fairy baby born in thousands of years, Poof, and use his uncontrolled magic to take out the other magical races.

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