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Stop this nonsense now, if you don't want to deal with me!
~ Head Mistress Helga

Head Mistress Helga is the main antagonist of the arcade shooter video game Revolution X. She is the leader of the NON (New Order Nation) who has taken over youth culture (anyone aged 13 to 30) and has banned television, music, magazines, and video games. She also kidnaps the band members of Aerosmith, forcing the player to rescue the band members of Aerosmith and fight the NON. However, after the player confronts her and defeats her for the first time, she transforms herself to her true form, an alien monster called Mondor, who confronts the players for the true final battle. She is portrayed by Kerri Hoskins, who is best known for portraying Sonya Blade in the Mortal Kombat video games.

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