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Don't let such a small obstacle block your path.
~ Hazel Rainart
You don'y like me. You have no reason to like me. But you don't have to like to get the results you want.
~ Hazel, to Sienna Khan.
Hazel Rainart is a major antagonist introduced in Volume 4 of RWBY. He is a member of Salem's Faction.

In the English dub, he is voiced by William Orendorff. In the Japanese dub, he is voiced by Akio Ōtsuka.


Hazel is a muscular man with brown short hair, a beard and hazel eyes. He wears a gray and brown coat with yellow buttons and linings on it, and a large belt. His arms are hairy and appear to have some scars on both arms near his sleeves. He also wears brown boots and black pants.


Volume 4

In "The Next Step", Hazel attends a meeting at Salem's Domain with fellow associates Watts, Cinder and Tyrian. He questions how Cinder was able to lose against a "novice" like Ruby Rose, stating that they've dealt with silver-eyed warriors in the past. Salem later instructs Hazel to meet with the White Fang leader, Sienna Khan, and ensure that they fall in line, to which he complies.

In "Kuroyuri", Hazel is seen walking past a train station and notices Oscar failing to get a train ticket from the machine. He walks up and slams on the machine with his hand, causing it to malfunction and shoot out a ticket for Oscar. Hazel then tells Oscar not to let small obstacles stop him before leaving.

Volume 5

In "Dread in the Air", Hazel is brought to a meeting between Adam Taurus and Sienna Khan. Khan clearly does not want a human present, while Adam insists she should listen to what he has to say. Hazel proclaims that even if he is not liked by Khan, she doesn't have to like him to get what she wants. Hazel appears dismayed and surprised when Adam assassinates Sienna Khan and tells his soldiers to blame it on a human Huntsmen. Hazel leaves the meeting saying no one had to die, to which Adam disagrees.


Nobody needed to die today.
~ Hazel to Adam Taurus regarding the murder of Sienna Khan.
Hazel has a calm composure compared to the rest of Salem's associates. He is reserved and rarely speaks unless there's something important or he's given an assignment from Salem. He has a low tolerance for failure, criticizing Cinder for her defeat to Ruby Rose and telling Oscar not to let minor obstacles stop him (though for the latter, it seemed more like advice rather than criticism).

Unlike his peers, Hazel does not seem to resort to violence as a first resort, insisting to Sienna Khan that there was no need for anyone to die. He also appeared dismayed when Adam assassinated Khan, once again dismissing the need for unnecessary violence.

Powers and Abilities

While most of Hazel's abilities are still unknown, he's shown to have incredible strength, severely damaging a ticket machine with one hand.



  • Hazel's name may be in reference to the color of his eyes.
  • Hazel's voice actor, William Orendorff, also provides the vocal sound effects for the Grimm.
  • Hazel is thus far the only known member of Salem's Faction to have met Ozpin before the events of the series, excluding Salem herself.


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