Hazard Units
Hazard Units
are a bunch of psychopaths appearing in the video game; Dead Rising 2: Case West, serving as sub-bosses. These are Security Guards in heavily armed suits with Impact Hammers. After fighting the Hazard Units for the first time, more are stationed throughout the Phenotrans Facility.

Dead Rising

As Chuck and Frank investigate the Director's Office for evidence to clear Chuck's name back in Fortune City, they discover that Zombrex is not synthetic, and that Phenotrans have been using the homeless, prisoners, and missing persons as test subjects for manufacturing Zombrex. This discovery upsets Frank, who throws a box of Zombrex that triggers an alarm. Two Hazard Units enter the office and proceed to attack Frank and Chuck. After they are defeated, one of the guards are called via radio, asking for their status. Frank, posing as the Hazard Unit, informs that it was an alarm malfunction and that everything was normal.

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