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General Hayabusa, also known as the Demon general, is an antagonist in the manga Kacchu no Senshi Gamu. He was brought up by Gamu's mother Honou.

He was a good ganin and learned swordmanship. One day, Hayabusa got caught by humans and as they were ready to shoot him, Honou jumped in front and took the bullet. She died instantly, but the episode taught Hayabusa the strong force of friendship and love.

When Hayabusa appears in the story, he has joined Gama and serves as his war general. He is sent out to put an end to the Kagero clan and kill Gamu. However, when the leader of Kagero, Ryuugen, commits suicide and the two ganins Shiba and Kusakage jump into the flames to save their master, Hayabusa is reminded of Honou’s death and what she taught him. He therefore kills his soldiers and lets Gamu and Rando escape. He then returns to Gama's base.

After a while when guarding the entrance to Gama's territory, he meets Yamamoto Kansuke, who brings the order of killing all the ganins of Kagero. Hayabusa knows that this messenger will bring him his death, as he told Gama that he has killed all in the Kagero clan. He talks to his son, Tsubakuro and tells him to join Gamu insted of staying with Gama. He then runs to Gama's base to kill his master. However, Hayabusa gets killed and fed to the ravens of the area. Before he dies, he uncovers that Gama isn’t a human, but a superintelligent Kai-ken ganin too.