Hawkgirl (Justice Lord)12344

This Hawkgirl of an alternate dimension is a member of the tyrannical Justice Lord in the Justice League animated series. Like her Justice League counterpart, she has a relationship with John Stewart.


Shayera and her counterpart's history were the same until Lex Luthor became president and killed Flash.

After Flash was killed, Superman went to the White House and killed Luthor. Sometime later, the Justice Lords took over the Earth and deprive people of their freedom and free speeches. At this point of time, Hawkgirl got rid of her old costume and replaced it with a new one.

In A Better World,

In Justice League Unlimited, while the Justice Lord version of Hawkgirl never appeared, Lex Luthor (fused with Brainiac) had used one of his robots to duplicate her image, in order to fight against the actual Hawkgirl. The copy was later destroyed by John Steward (who he vents his frustration on following his and Shayera's break up).

Powers and Abilities

This Hawkgirl possesses the same abilities as her counterpart's, such as the ability to fly, military experience, and carrying around her Nth Metal mace to use in combat.


  • In the episode "A Better World", the way this Hawkgirl breaks out of the room that electrified her and her team, reflects on what her counterpart did earlier in said episode.
    • They did break out but were thwarted by both John Steward's.
  • it appears as though the Justice Lord Hawkgirl has trouble fully transitioning to Superman's totalitarian rule, as she tends to questions their actions, still this doesn't stop her from performing her actual duties.