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Villain Overview

The Hawk is the quaternary antagonist from the 2011 Nickelodeon film, Rango.


All the animals in the town of Dirt feared the Hawk, including the outlaw named Rattlesnake Jake. Rango first encounters the hawk early in the film as he walks through the desert. He manages to take refuge inside a bottle, but the hawk grabs the bottle and flies up, hoping to drop it down and break the glass. However, it ends up bouncing off on a toad, who angrily attempts to beat up Rango until he is snatched up by the hawk, much to his horror. This allows Rango to escape into Dirt.

The hawk is seen again as Rango is about to enter a gunfight with Bad Bill and his gang. Upon seeing the hawk, Bad Bill and his gang run away in fear. Rango is then chased by the hawk throughout the town until he accidentally uses his gun to break the structure of Dirt's water tower. This causes the tower to fall on the Hawk, killing it for good, and Rango is praised as a hero for stopping the Hawk, along with Mayor Tortoise John appointing him the sheriff of Dirt.

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