Haunted train

The Mad Engineer

The Haunted Train Is a main antagonists from the episode which is titled the same name of the cartoon Hey Arnold¡. He is an old phantom steam locomotive Engine 25 and its mad engineer.


Under the name of "The Haunted Train," are the subjects of an urban legend told by Grandpa, Old Engine 25 was a
The phantom train

The Locomotive "numbuh 25"

4-8-4 Northern type steam locomotive of the Great Northern Railroad. However, one night, during a coach-stock movement from a rail yard to Hillwood's old Union Station, the engine was allegedly derailed by its engineer who, for unknown reasons, suddenly fell into insanity. No wreckage was ever found beyond one of the engineer's gloves clutching part of the locomotive's throttle; the only apparently remaining piece of the engineer as well. 
Asserting that the engineer drove the train straight to the fiery underworld, and that on the anniversary of the train's wreck, it would return to collect fresh passengers to bring to the underworld. 


Haunted Train´s Blues: Song

Hey Arnold! - The Haunted Train Blues00:51

Hey Arnold! - The Haunted Train Blues


  • It could be that the engineer had some kind of mental problem (presumably schizophrenia or antisocial personality disorder) that required him to take special medication in order to function properly. If this is the case, then the engineer either forgot to take his medicine before going to work, or ran out of medication and was unable get more, thus resulting in him losing control and going mad.