Hauenkua's Avu-Kamuu

Hauenkua is a villain from the visual novel and anime series Utawarerumono, his weapon is a red Avu-Kamuu with claws

He loves to kill whenever he gets the chance  and laughs when he does. He also disobeys his leader Kuuya(empress of Kunnekamun) and puts words into her mouth to twist them to get what he wants.

He ends up severely injuring or even killing Aruruu than stomps on Hakuoro and laughs about it.  Hakuoro gets so mad he transforms and  ends up going on a rapage on his Avu-Kamuu sending him running and crying for his mommy. He also ends up betraying Kuuya, siding with Dii and ends up laughing when he gets killed by Hakuoro.