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Hatsuden Banki
Hatsuden Banki (12, movie): An electrical generator Savage Land Barbaric Machine Beast sent by Yogostein that can drop powerful lightning bolts, saying "bika" in his sentences. Sosuke Esumi tried to use this against Hatsuden Banki but it resulted in both switching bodies when Hatsuden's lightning hit them. Though he tried to take advantage of his current state, Hatsuden snapped after listening to the others' inane babbling and runs off to find Yogostein. When Yogostein retreated as his minion is exposed, Hatsuden Sosuke attempts to destroy the Go-ongers as Go-on Red. By then, the Go-Ongers managed to revert this by shooting a special Sosuke Soul (made out of Sosuke's own consciousness) into Hatsuden Go-onRed with the Junction Rifle, returning the Barbaric Machine Beast back into his body. But now hampered by a cold that Sosuke had been suffering, Hatsuden Banki is scrapped by Engine-O G6.


  • Height: 217 cm to 54.2 m
  • Weight: 244 kg to 610 t

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