Bad Boys 2 - Haitian Shoot Out05:29

Bad Boys 2 - Haitian Shoot Out

The Devil is not welcome here!
~ Hatian gang leader
The Hatian gang is a street gang in Bad Boys 2. In the movie they set up an ambush for a money transport transferring money between Russian gangsters  and Cuban cartel druglord Johnny Tapia, with the intention of stealing thousands of dollars. The ambush is set up near a parking lot that Miami PD cops Mike and Marcus, who are working on a case for missing ecstacy, are stationed at.

Unbeknownst to both of them Marcus' sister Syd is a DEA agent undercover as a money laudering henchman in the car when the driver is shot by a Hatian gangster. a long car chase and gun fight ensures totaling most of Miami Highway.

Some time later after Mike and Marcus are reprinmanded by Captain Howard for their reckless behaviour. Mike and Marcus head to a house belonging to a Hatian gangster with the intent on knolwedge on how this Hatian gang found out about this high value transfer. A gunfight ensures and the leader surrenders information that somebody filmed one of Tapia's cars near a morge, which Mike and Marcus suspect is a front for Tapia's operation..