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Hashi is an anti-hero from the game The Black Heart.


Hashi belongs to an ancient race of wood men who were the main workers that shaped and constructed the Earth. Now they are almost extinguished and live in a secret magical forest in "Tierra del fuego" in south Argentina. Hashi was banished from the forest for his constant hate and violent actions toward humans. He thinks humans are a menace to the Earth and not the true inheritors of it, as his people believe. When the heart of the king of the other world is stolen, the nature of the magical forest starts turning red and the wood men see it as dark prophecy. Malen, the leader of Hashi’s race, calls him back from banishment to go to the chaos between worlds, kill Final, and end the menace that threatens the Earth. A race of peace, the wood men did not train to be fighters. Hashi, believing that peace will not prevail, trained himself throughout the years of his banishment. So, he is the only one of his race with enough strength and warrior instinct to achieve the mission. Bako, who has the ability to teleport to carry Hashi to the chaos, accompanies him.

Game Playthrough

TBH Playthrough with Hashi Part 110:11

TBH Playthrough with Hashi Part 1


TBH Playthrough with Hashi Part 209:13

TBH Playthrough with Hashi Part 2


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