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Harvey Pleydell Dean is a villain in the 1981 Horror prequel, The Final Conflict.

He was played by Don Gordon.


One of Damien's followers and his right hand man. He and his wife go to a meeting of the UN Youth Council 1 night and then a few days later when Damien Thorn is getting interviewed by Kate Reynolds on her show, The World In Focus, Dean is there. He sees Benito also on the scaffolding above the stage and then lets Thorn know when Benito falls and burns to his demise. At Thorn's house later, Damien says that Benito tried to kill him with one of the daggers of Megiddo. 

Thorn and Dean then plan to recover the other daggers, right before Thorn goes to the hospital to see Barbara. They find out later that Benito's other priest friends have the other daggars and have gone to the United Kingdom to destroy Thorn and that Jesus Christ has been born also. Then after Thorn collects 3 more of the daggars of Megiddo, he says the only way to defeat Jesus Christ is to kill every kid born between 12 am and 6 am on March 24. Dean decides to hide his boy because he's one of the children born between that time and on that day.

Dean attends the Disciples Of The Watch meeting that night, when Thorn orders them to kill all the kids born before dawn on March 24. He secretly coordinates the killings by giving the disciples places and people of the infant boys. Later Dean's wife becomes concerned with the deaths and he tells her that it's just a coincidence. Then Thorn gets agitated and impatient with him especially that he's trying to separate Kate and Thorn. It gets worst for Dean when his own wife discovers that Dean is involved in the babie's destructions.

Then Thorn gets into with Dean about his son being one of the few, last infants and orders him to destroy him or be destroyed and then Dean scared runs away to his home. There he attempts to leave with his family but discovers his son is already dead and then his wife viciously hits him with an iron in his head burning and killing him.