Harvest is a supervillain from the Extinctioners universe and a member of the Trackers, a group of superhuman humanimals that work for the Hunters - although many Trackers are essentially slaves due to the invader's use of Mind-Collar technology they are still dangerous adversaries to the main cast and some have willingly joined with the invaders for varied reasons.

Harvest herself w was the daughter of a government dictator in Alden and thus grew up able to treat others pretty much as she pleased - however her father was very strict and kept her on a short leash.

Thus when the invaders struck Harvest seemed to leap on the chance to use her new position to strike back at her overbearing father as the partner of Kanati.

Harvest's superhuman ability is that of causing plants to grow instantly and become animate by thoughts, as such she carries varied plant seeds with her at all time which act as weapons due to her ability to cause them to instantly grow.