You're gonna leave without giving me a goodbye kiss?
~ Harue

Harue was one of Desmond Niles' henchpeople and a minor villainess in Return to House on Haunted Hill. She was killed at the infamous House on Haunted Hill while searching for the Baphomet Idol.

She was portrayed by Kalita Rainford.


Harue was a proud member of a dangerous and extreme Satanic cult organization known as the Order of Nine Angles (also known as ONA and O9A).

She was hired by Desmond Niles to join his team in their acquisition of the Baphomet Idol.

When Desmond discovers that the Baphomet statue is hidden in the Vannacutt Psychiatric Institute, he and his team, including Harue, go to Ariel Wolfe's house and abduct her and Paul for Dr. Vannacutt's journal, which may help them find the Idol.

Harue and Desmond's team travel to the Vannacutt asylum to find the Idol. There, they find Kyle and Dr. Richard Hammer there, looking for the Idol as well. After Harue and Warren disable the facility's lockdown mechanism, Desmond forces Kyle and Richard to help them find the Baphomet Idol, and decides that the group should split up and search the asylum for the chamber where Dr. Vannacutt hid the journal.

Harue goes off alone to find the Idol. While she is searching an electrotherapy room, two female lesbian ghosts appear and seduce her. But when Harue starts kissing one of the ghosts, it causes her to see a vision of how they were killed via electrotherapy. The two ghosts then transform into a demonic form, snapping Harue back to her senses and causing her to run off in disgust. Vannacutt then comes up behind Harue and slices the skin off her face with a scalpel, killing her.

After she died, Harue's soul presumably joined the other ghosts trapped in the house. However, it can also be presumed that her ghost was freed from the house when Ariel removed the Baphomet Idol from the facility just hours after Harue's death.


  • In the unrated DVD release of Return to House on Haunted Hill which has the Navigational Cinema technology, if (during the scene in which Harue herself is seduced by the Lesbian Ghosts) the viewer chooses for Harue to not resist the ghosts, then she will find the Baphomet Idol on the beach at the end of the film, instead of the young lovemaking couple who found it in the canon ending.
  • Harue shares a certain amount of relationship with Desmond and 2 members of his team:
    • Harue regarded Desmond with immense hatred and disdain, but put up with him.
    • Both Warren Jackson and Harue appeared to work together several times. Harue was also paranoid of what Warren was thinking because Warren kept to himself.
    • Harue greatly hated Norris Boz, but she apparently put up with him.