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I'm Harry Potter, school is for losers, I'm totally awesome!
~ Harry potter singing

Harry Potter is protagonist villain on the popular Youtube series Potter Puppet Pals. This version is far different from his book counterpart, being very arrogant and acting aggressive to almost everyone else around him.


The exact opposite of the heroic boy in the books and movies, the puppet version of Harry cares only about himself. Described as being, "rife with boyish attitude", he is highly arrogant, brash, aggressive, egotistical, and vain. He is prone to brag and sing about how awesome he is and how much better he is then everyone else. He constantly bothers, bullies and mocks Snape and Ron, tormenting them in almost every episode. In some of the more extreme cases, he physically abuses them, punching Snape against the wall and beating up Ron numerous times BAN.jpeg|Animated Harry Potter

List of Harry's evil acts

These are the most notorious moments when Harry has acted antagonistic, ranging from acting like a jerk to absolutely evil.

  • Perhaps the biggest example of Harry acting evil is in the episode "Ron's Disease". In the episode, Ron gets a case of the head lice. Harry shows little to no sympathy for his friend, only caring about not getting himself infected. Later, when the boys see Hagrid to cure Ron's lice, Harry suggests setting his head on fire. When Harry sees how Hagrid rids Ron of the lice (by hitting him with a heavy club) Harry decides to use the giant to help him get control of Hogwarts. Bribing Hagrid with fish, Harry then leads him through Hogwarts and makes him wallop everyone with his club. After taking out Hermione and making Hagrid hit Snape numerous times, they try and take out Dumbledore. This ends with them discovering the wizard cannot be knocked out with the club, do to him actually being a gay android.
  • In "Snape's Diary", Harry attacks Snape, then proceeds to ransack his room. He discovers his diary in a locked trunk under his bed, which he then reads to Ron and Hermione. The book consists of several morbid tales involving Snape's life being made miserable by Harry. One of the entries is about Harry flipping Snape off in class, then smashing his head against the wall screaming, "Bother! Bother!" when Snape tries to punish him. The entry then states that Harry and Ron later repeated the act until Snape lost consciousness. At the end of the episode, Snape finds out the kids have his diary. Harry quickly shifts the blame to Ron, who was holding the diary at the time. Another thing worth noting, during the episode, it is said that Harry takes Ron's money from him as well as calling him fatty. 
  • In "School is for Losers", Snape is scolding Harry for being absent from potion class for nearly three weeks. When we hear what Snape's words sound like to Harry, it is all unintelligible gibberish with only his name being heard. Harry then punches Snape against the wall to make him stop talking.
  • In "Wizard Angst" Harry is feeling "cranky and pubescent" and decides to take it out on his friends. He then insults Ron, saying he is sick of his "dreadful speckled mug". When Ron tries to hug Harry to make him feel better, Harry attacks him. When Snape tries to punish the boys for fighting, they cast a spell on him to make him defecate in his pants.
  • In "Wizard Swears", Harry learns that wizards have swear words and Dumbledore has banned them all from Hogwarts. He then proceeds to call Snape a volley of them, then runs away before he can be punished. Harry and his friends run into Neville, who says he'll tell on them for swearing. Harry stops him before he can do this, and forces Neville to say a swear word. Neville picks the swear word, "Hagrids butt crack". This angers Harry, saying Hagrid is ten times the man that Neville will ever be, and tell Neville to leave Hogwarts and never come back.After the kids make a prank call to Voldemort, they are found by Dumbledore and Snape. After calling Snape another round of insults, including a "floppy-wanded dementor buggerer", Snape urges Dumbledore to expel them. The wizard only tells Snape to let the kids have their fun, and he doesn't even remember banning the words in the first place. After Snapes leaves, Dumbledore then teaches them The Elder Swear, which is a 40 second long insult riddled with censorship bleeps. Dumbledore tell them never to say it, but Harry, Ron, and Hermione use the swear on Neville.
  • One of the darkest episodes to date, "Nevills Birthday" is the prime example of Harry being antagonistic. Dumbledore forces all of Hogwarts to attend Neville birthday party, ruining Harry and his friends plans for the evening. Harry is very upset by this, saying he has "dark disturbing thoughts" he'd rather not talk about. When the cake is brought out, Dumbledore pops out of it naked and sings a birthday song to Neville. Harry is angered by this, saying the cake is "literally tainted" and inedible. He then calls Neville lame and says nobody likes him (with Ron and Herione confirming this) and his party sucks. Upon hearing this, Neville commits suicide by activating his "Neville self destruct". This leads to Harry and the other party goers then proceed to eat Nevilles corpse.


  • One of the phrases in The Elder Swear is 'Daniel Radcliffe', which is the actor that plays Harry Potter in the movies.
  • The cast of the Potter Puppet Pals have made guest appearances in some Harry Potter parties, such as the Yule Balls 2007 and 2010.
  • Daniel Radcliffe stated that the cast of the film series should do a live actions version of 'The Mysterious Ticking Noise' (which is one of the most viewed videos on Youtube) for charity.