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You need to really get your fucking head out of your ass. You've been played by a Hollywood snake salesmen for the cash in your wallet, you fools!
~ A profanity filled statement from Plinkett.

Harry S. Plinkett (better known as Mr. Plinkett) is a fictional online movie reviewer, best known for his comedic analyzation of the three Star Wars prequels by explaining to the viewer in detail of why they deserve the hate they get. Though it is done in a very comedic style, it has been shown that Plinkett is mentally deranged, killing an uncountable amount of innocent people and even ate his own cat. He is also unrealistically old, as he was born in 1906.

Despite his truly sickening attacks, Plinkett has yet to be arrested, but was once caught in a shoot out. Harry also has his own online cartoon called Mr. Plinkett: The Animated Series.

Villainous acts committed by Plinkett

  • Caused the sinkage of the Titanic when he was only a boy
  • Apparently slaughtered several people as a child, hinted at a flashback where his mother tells him to hide the corpses under the floorboards
  • "Accidentally" ran over and killed an entire family
  • Pushed a prostitute down the well
  • Locked several of prostitutes in his basement for days, as almost all of them eventually died
  • Poisoned a woman with six cans of Raid
  • Slit a woman's wrists for stealing his money
  • Murdered a cop in a shoot out
  • Stuffed a pair of women in a locked refrigerator which was infested with man-eating cockroaches
  • Raped his cat
  • Later threw his cat in a benchsaw, "properly" served the parts, and fed them to himself
  • Purposely drove his car into a tree, which led to the death of his wife


  • In his old videos, Harry had polio, a disease that completely paralyzes someone under the waist (as seen in his picture above), so he was always bound to a wheel chair. However, in later videos, he is only seen in a POV view, and has been shown that he is completely capable of walking. He is also shown to be "healthy" and walking in his Animated Series.
  • The famous, late critic Robert Ebert stated on his blog: "I was pretty much sure I didn't have it with me to endure another review of [Revenge of the Sith]. Mr. Plinkett demonstrates to me that I was mistaken."