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"Soo Yeon, Is this the love that you talk about. Then, maybe, I love... you."
—Harry talks to Soo Yeon
Harry Borrison

Hyung Joon Kang

Full Name
Kang Hyung-joon
Harry Borrison
I Miss You
Mangager of Zoe
Powers / Skills
Psychopathic personality,
Killed innocent people.
Kills Han Tae-joon and Han Jung-woo Takes Soo-yeon as soulmate.
Type of Villain
Tragic Villan
Serial killer

Kang Hyung Joon, also known as Harry Borrison, is main villain of 2012 Korean series I Miss You who seek revenge against Han Tae-joon and his family and fiancee of Lee So-yeon.


He appears warm and nice, but he turns out to be a psychopathic murderer and uses the alias Harry Borrison to get his revenge on Han Tae Joon, who murdered his mother. when he sees Su-yeon with his half brother Jung-woo, Harry's rage grew up


At age of 12, he had to be a lifelong parting from his mother without a reason. He expected his mom who said that she loves him the most to be back if he waits. But while he was hiding from Han Tae Joon, who tried to kill him, his mother didn't come back. As he endured the fear, his longing towards his mother became resentment. That wound deeply stamped on his heart since then. Of the time, he met Lee Soo Yeon. When he was waiting for his mother, that girl came up instead. When met So Yeon who was dumped on the street like the abandoned dog again, he believe that was fate. Without an aversion, he held Soo Yeon's hand and promised himself that he won't be alone again.

Hyung-joon sees her again when his nurse performed sugary on her face and renamed as Zoe and he swored that he will protected her.

When Su-yeon's sweetheart Han Jung-woo discovered that Zoe is Soo-yeon after 15 years

He walks with a stick because his leg are uncomfortable by after effect from dog bite in his childhood.

He killed Jung-woo's mentor and Soo-yeon's kidnappers. he manupiled a mother of a young girl who killed Kang Seung-duk and killed his brother by water

Harry took identity from Korean apdootee from France after killing the parents  and learn his mother is still alive.

Harry killed a fake mother who was hired by Han Tae-joon which framed Soo-yeon as murderer just like her father.

He threatened kill Jung-woo for seeing Soo-yeon again and kidnapped Soo-yeon before Jung-woo can saved her.

Plot Overview

Hyung-joon poisoned Jung Hye-mi and she dies in swinning pool by revenge and he and Soo-yeon leave to Korea for showcase in Jeju Island

He kills Kang Sang-chul by using water torture and jump his body to Jung-woo and his friend Jung-myung Hyung-joon smirked to couple when he revealed he put poison on Jung-woo's stepmother he kidnapped Soo-yeon as hostage at warehouse and Jung-woo begged Hyung-joon to realsed her before Hyung-joon almost kill Jung-woo for protected Soo-yeon In the end Hyung-joon was sent to mental hospital when Jung-woo and Soo-yeon visited him and Han Tae-joon sent to jail.

it revealed Mr Nam is real Harry Borrsion whom Hyung-joon saves him from abusive family

Harry was saved by Hyung-joon by killing his adoptive parents by car accident

The Doctors took care of him after his mother's death which left him devastated once he sees Soo-yeon and Jung-woo leaved hostpatil he smile by remember his memioes of her.


  • Detvice Kim
  • Kang Seung-duk
  • Kang Seung-goo
  • Fake Mother
  • Mr Nam
  • Jung Hye-mi


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