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Captain Harrison Love is the secondary main antagonist of the 1998 film The Mask of Zorro. Little is known of him save that he is a historical character and a barbaric man. His one pursuit was to track down the notorious Murietta brothers. Joaquin he killed... the second, younger brother escaped and Love has professed an untiring pursuit of him. He is sidetracked only slightly by his boss' lovely daughter Elena... and is immediately suspicious of Don Alejandro.

He knows of Zorro but believes the man to be dead, as he has vanished from the prison where he was thrown twenty years before. He fully supports Montero's plan to cheat Santa Anna out of the land that is rightfully his by the use of his own gold... but a new Zorro has arisen from the ashes, one with a powerful animosity toward him. Has he perhaps at last found the query he has so long searched for?

Blond and conceited are the two words to describe Captain Harrison Love. Historically many of the facts are correct... he did pursue and kill one of the Murietta brothers; the other escaped. He also was responsible for the death of their accomplice Three-Fingered Jack. He kept Jack's hand and Joaquin's head in jars for the general public to gawk at. Nothing is known of his true death.

In the film, he swordfight in the corridor that spreads down into the lower regions of the hacienda. He suddenly discovers that the map has been stolen and turns to find... Zorro standing behind him. Alejandro gives him a fair chance but Captain Love is no match for the cocky and self-pleased outlaw and is easily outdone.

Love is eventually killed when Alejandro stabs him through the chest with his sword, but he lives long enough to see a wagon filled with gold bars tumble off a cliff and land on top of him, instantly crushing him.


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