Harriet is the main antagonist of the Anthony Horowitz short horror story Harriet's Horrible Dream. Harriet is introduced as a spoiled, pompous young girl, who thinks much of herself but has no time for others. Harriet comes home from school one day (after deliberately humiliating one of her classmates during lunch all because the girl had laughed at her, she pours milk over her shirt) and finds her wealthy father had gone bankrupt, and he tells her they're moving to a small house in London and one room is all they can have. Harriet goes mad at the news and wails about her nanny being sacked (despite her having had four other nannies who all left) and Harriet screams that she will report her parents to police for being criminals and see what they like it. Harriet goes to bed and hears her father say they'll have to do something about her. Harriet's father tells her over breakfast that her Uncle Algernon has come to take her and adopt her in his restaurant, the Sawney Bean in London. Harriet is disdainful of Algernon even before meeting him and she says her father had better give her pocket money. Harriet meets Algernon when he comes to the house and sees her father get loads of money from Algernon, and then he takes Harriet, and she rudely says bye to her parents saying she doesn't love them. Harriet is in love, but only with money and herself. Harriet and Algernon have a talk about billionaires and the restaurant and the fact Sawney Bean did exist. Harriet gets to the restaurant, and sees the chef looking hungrily at her. Algernon smirks and says they poach her in wine, and Harriet realizes that Sawney Bean, whose name was familiar to her, was a cannibal and the prepriators are cannibals too. She screams in fear but collapses in the hall, and wakes, thinking it was a dream, but then screams as she sees herself chained to the kitchen counter with the chef chopping onions.