The Harpooned Bear is a minor antagonist in Ginga Nagareboshi Gin.

When the dogs are about to cross the sea, Wilson tells the tale pertaining to why the ship they take refuge on is deserted; the bear was trapped on the ship and began to eat the crew. Eventually, the survivors of the crew discovered him and launched three harpoons into his back, but it didn't kill the bear. He makes his way to Ohu and kills one of Akakabuto's lieutenants, Kesagake. As the dogs try to fight him, their fangs could not piece his solid steel muscles and several died in the process. He was about to kill Gin but instead took the opportunity to unveil his true motive: he's planned to impress Akakabuto by leading Gin's pack towards Gajou, but Akakabuto is furious with him betraying the location of the stronghold, and, kills him in one blow.