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the Harpies

The Harpies are minor villains in the adventure video game King's Quest V: Absence Makes the Heart Go Yonder. They are half woman half flying demon creatures that feast on humans that apear on their islands.

The Harpies are encountered by Graham and Cedric when they dock the boat on the beach at Harpies' Island. One grabs Graham, the other grabs Cedric. The Harpies take Graham to a clearing and are fighting about who should have him for their meal. If the player does not play the harp in time, the Harpies will kill Graham.

When Graham plays the harp, the Harpies will take the harp and fly away while fighting for it. Since the Harpies cannot be killed in the game, the player must find a way to escape them.

Since they are not defeated, they still roam the island and wait until travellers comes to the island to kill them.

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