The Harpies are the minions of Hades and supporting antagonists in the 2010 film Clash of the Titans.


After some soldiers from Argos destroyed the Statue of Zeus, Hades sends the Harpies after them. They burst out of the water near the ship of Perseus's family and go attack the soldiers, slaughtering many of them. Then, all the Harpies merge and make Hades appear, who destroys the ship and kills everyone on board except Perseus.

During the Kraken's attack on Argos, Perseus, who is riding Pegasus, arrives in the city with Medusa's head, however Hades suddenly appears and sends the Harpies after him. One of them manages to snatch the bag containing the head and flees inside the city, pursued by Perseus and Pegasus. Some of the other Harpies pounce on them but Pegasus fiercely repels them. At the same time, the Kraken starts to rise up and one of his tentacles accidentally crushes one of the Harpies pursuing Perseus and Pegasus in the city. Perseus takes an axe from a peasant and uses it to drop hanging sheets on a Harpy who falls on the ground and is severly beaten by peasants. Two other Harpies then try to attack him, however Ozal and Kucuk come and send their Giant Scorpion to kill them. The last Harpy flies near the Kraken who tries to bite Pegasus and narrowly misses him. Perseus finally jumps on the Harpy and they both fall into the Temple of the Cult of Hades where the Harpy ends in the fire and burns to death while Perseus survives and recovers Medusa's head.