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Harold Slikk is the brutal and angry father of Leopold Slikk and the main antagonist of the Angry German Kid series. He punishes, bullies, torments, and beats up Leopold every time Leopold is expelled, suspended, or has a bad day at School. He appeared in parody videos as he antagonizes people, he appears most often abusive in AGK series like those made by Angry German Kid 82. Also, he favours Leonard, Leopold's younger brother, over Leopold.

AGK82's series

In the episode 41 Angry German Kid Goes Camping, Harold tells Leopold to go downstairs because him and Leopold's mother going camping. Leopold tells them that he is not going camping. His mother tells him that he will go, whether he likes it or not, and for him to grab his stuff. Leopold refuses to do so, again. After his mother threatens to givs his computer to charity, he goes. When Leopold needs to pee, Harold tells him to hold it when they are driving. When they get there, while Leopold plays Tetris, Harold tells Leopold to help him unpack stuff. When Leopold refuses to Harold threatens him to beat him up harder than when Leopold peed himself. When Leopold's mother calls Harold, before Harold goes, he tells Leopold not to touch the computer inside the camper but Leopold does it anyway. Leopold wants to go on the computer before Harold notices. After 8 minutes, Leopold figures out that the password is "Dad" but the computer gets a blue screen nad Leopold gets angry and leaves and gets scared. Harold later questions Leopold if he was on his computer. Leopold lies. Harold goes and checks while Leopold tells him not to. When Harold sees this he beats Leopold up. Leopold's mother tells them to go. Harold continues beating Leopold up in the car.

He appears in episode 44 Angry German Kid Watches Angry Video Game Nerd, when he hears Leopold gets scared when Jason Voorhees attacks the Angry Video Game Nerd. Leopold lies that nothing happened then Harold tells Leopold to shut up, as he is trying to sleep. Later, Harold hears Leopold laughing at another AVGN video and wonders what Leopold is laughing at. Harold gets angry when he hears the Angry Video Game Nerd swear, as he never wanted Leopold to watch inappropriate videos and he questions Leopold if that is where he learned bad language. Leopold tells Harold that he learnt it from him. After Harold beats Leopold up, he sends Leopold to bed and tells him not to watch inappropriate videos and for Leopold to stop crying.