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Lieutenant Commander Harold Quince is the tertiary antagonist in the 2013 film, 2 Guns.
Harold Quince

He is portrayed by James Marsden.


Harold is a high-ranking officer in the United States Navy (Lieutenant Commander, to be exact) and also Michael Stigman's superior. After hearing about the stolen money, he orders Stigman to kill Trench so that the Navy can use the money to fund covert operations, revealing early on that he is working with the corrupt CIA. Throughout the film, he pursues Trench and Stigman, intending to claim the money. In the climax, he is revealed to be Deb's (Trench's girlfriend) secret lover, and that the two of them had planned to steal the money for themselves. After a small firefight, he is eventually shot and presumably killed.


  • Harold's last name, Quince, is also Spanish for "fifteen".
  • This was James Marsden's first villain role.

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