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Who comes hither to disturb the Great Hargon? Dost thou know who I am?
~ Hargon

Hargon is a corrupt cleric, the head of the Cult of Malroth and the main villain of Dragon Quest II (sometimes translated as Dragon Warrior II).

Seeking to summon Malroth, Hargon has sent his minions to attack various villages. His minions attack the Kingdom of Moonbrooke, where the King attempts to save his daughter but ends killed along with everyone. The Princess of Moonbrooke, a descendant of the hero Erdrick/Roto, manages to escape the assault but ends cursed into a dog form. An injured knight manages to escape the burning castle and deliver the news to the King of Midenhall before perishing, so the King sends his son, also a descendant of Roto, to go after Hargon and stop his plans.

The Prince of Midenhall joins forces with the Prince of Cannock (also a descendant of Roto), and the two break the curse upon the Princess of Moonbrooke, who also joins them. The trio travels the world and defeat all of Hargon's minions, eventually confronting Hargon himself in his castle at the Rendarak (Rhone in the NES version) region. Upon being defeated, Hargon offers his own life as sacrifice to Malroth, which is finally resurrected as hargon dies.

Other appearances

  • In Dragon Quest Monsters Joker 2 he can be obtained by synthesizing a Dierantula and a Dhuran.
  • He appears as a boss in Dragon Quest Battle Road Victory in the Dragon Quest II story arc.


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