Hardaxe was a street-thug and a former one-shot villain in the rebooted "Biker Mice From Mars" series, however by the end of the episode he appeared in he was defeated and forced into redeeming himself.

Hardaxe was originally the leader of a gang of street-thugs who terrorized a local homeless community and was obsessed with stealing the bikes of the three titular heroes of the series, challenging him to a car to bike battle - which he and his crew lost in a humiliating fashion.

Later Hardaxe and his crew ambushed the biker mice at a junkyard, his gang have hijacked two bulldozers while he personally kidnapped the woman from the homeless community and tied her up, threatening to lower her into a grinder.

As the biker mice fought Hardaxe's goons he lowered the woman to the grinder only for the mice to blow it up, he was then held at gunpoint - at which point he pleaded for forgiveness and seemed to go on the path of redemption, with the mice reminding him to keep his promise to clean up his act or they'd meet again.