Harald is the minor villain from the book Raiders and Ruins by Terry Deary. He is a young Viking boy who always gets everything he wants. He has blond hair and freckles.



Harald forces his father Rollo to buy Eric as a slave from Hilda, obviously only to have someone to bully. He immediately starts to exploit Eric. When Eric protests, Harald locks him the hen house.

Next day, Eric is sent to go fishing. He infringes Rollo's order and sails to the southern bay. However, Harald stands on the cliff above the bay and throws down a stone, almost hitting Eric. When Eric runs up the cliff and threatens to do the same thing with Harald, the viking boy calls Mad Magnus who grabs Eric. Harald wants Magnus to do blood-eagle to Eric, but he refuses, much to Harald's anger.

Hilda later flirts with Harald and convinces him to leave the cliff, so Eric can enter the bay safely. At first, Harald doesn't want to, but she praises him very much and even promises to sew a warm coat for him that lofty boy eventually goes with her to the village.

That evening, Harald try to get rid of his sister he hates very mush. He offers her as a wife for the recently deceased leader of the Vikings, meaning she will be burnt with his body. Luckily, Harald's sister is already engaged.