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Happy Foundation

The front row of Nemesis Inferno. (L-R) Will McKenzie, two people with Down's Syndrome and their helper.

Fine! Fucking fine! I'll just...I'll just get on. I'll just get on, and sit at the front, next to these...inconsiderate arseholes!
~ Will McKenzie, getting on Nemesis Inferno after finding the front seats are taken.

In Channel 4 comedy The Inbetweeners, the Happy Foundation serves as a one-off villain. The Foundation, which is a charity which helps people with Down's Syndrome, isn't primarily villainous, per se, but their villainous action stems from trashing Simon Cooper's car after they are insulted.


The Happy Foundation appears in season 1 episode 3 "Thorpe Park", where Will, Jay, Simon and Neil (the central characters in the show) decide to go to Thorpe Park after Simon passes his driving test.

Near the end of the day, Will takes Jay, Simon and Neil on Nemesis Inferno (having wanted to go on it all day). After queuing for 90 minutes to get in the front, the ride attendant tells Will there's one seat at the front. Will then ends up getting into a heated argument with the attendant, and reluctantly takes the front seat, after calling the people in the other three seats "inconsiderate arseholes". After seeing that the Happy Foundation has taken the other three seats, Will calls himself "The worst human being in the world", and later says Nemesis will be a low point in his life.

When the lads are about to go home, they find Simon's car (a bright yellow Fiat Cinquecento 'Hawaii', which Jay says is the same colour as his grandmother's urine) has been trashed. This is extra worry for Simon, as when Will, Jay and himself first got to Thorpe Park (Neil works there), Jay accidently tore off the passenger door, and he (Simon) has had to carry it around with him during their time at Thorpe Park. Just then, the Happy Foundation's minibus pulls around and it's revealed they trashed Simon's car, following Will's earlier outburst.


  • One of the Down's Syndrome actors, Sam Barnard (second right in the photograph at the top of the page) has been recognized as a key member of Channel 4's documentary The Undateables.
  • The episode in which the Happy Foundation appears, "Thorpe Park", is the only episode of season 1 not to feature Mr. Gilbert, the evil head of sixth-form.

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