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I'll shove my happy foot in yo' ass, cracka!
~ Happy Feet to Leonidas.

Happy Feet is a parody of the real Happy Feet movie and a minor villain in Meet the Spartans.


Leonidas is in the cold, freezing, when he is confronted by Happy Feet and his red eyes. Instead of attacking, Happy Feet dances for him. However, when Leonidas says he has happy feet, Happy Feet is angered and claims he will shove his happy foot up his ass and knocks Leonidas down. Happy Feet makes Leonidas lick his "snowballs" before farting in his face. Leonidas pushes Happy Feet away and flees through the middle of an opening. Happy Feet chases him but gets stuck. Leonidas grabs a harpoon inside some glass that has a sign that says "In Case of Penguin Attack Break Glass" and harpoons the penguin, killing him.

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