Happy Cow
~ Happy Cow

Happy Cow is a character in Smosh. It is a toy cow that Ian Hecox brings home in "Best Toy Ever!", in which it was the main villain. It's known to put you in a trance and make you play with him forever.


The Happy Cow is a plastic flying toy that hangs on a string (most of the time) and flies around. Ian thinks it is a great toy and loves to play with it, Anthony on the other hand thinks it's stupid and for little kids until he gets pulled into its trance and suddenly likes playing with it.

Theme song

The Happy Cow theme song featured in "Best Toy Ever!" is available in all of the 3 versions of it in the video (Stephen Hawking talks before each part of the song).

The iTunes price is $1.00 (for download) and the running time is 0:58 seconds.


Happy Cow, Happy Cow, everywhere you go

Happy Cow, Happy Cow, take it to and fro

Happy Cow, Happy Cow, follows you all day

Happy Cow, Happy Cow, play, play, play, play!

Happy Cow, Happy Cow, better than the rest

'Cause Happy Cow is da best!

Happy Cow, Happy Cow, never goes away

Happy Cow, Happy Cow, you must always play

Happy Cow, Happy Cow, you'll never be bored

Happy Cow, Happy Cow, never be ignored

Evil Song lyrics

Happy Cow, Happy Cow, steals your will to live

Happy Cow, Happy Cow, your eternal soul you'll give

Happy Cow available in stores now!


  • The Happy Cow is based on one of the flying toys that hang from a kid's ceiling and fly in a circle.
  • "Happy Cow" is actually a collectable toy called Holy Cow , but there is a newer version called Flying Cow which you are more likely to come across. one of them is currently available on eBay under the search "holy cow flying cow toy".
  • Nobody knows what happened to Happy Cow after the video, he could have been thrown out in the trash, exorcised or destroyed.
  • It was voiced by Ian Hecox.