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Hans apparently knew Skipper in the past because he is "sorry about Denmark". An incident in Copenhagen allowed Hans to frame Skipper for an unspecified crime (probably involving explosions), making Skipper Denmark's public enemy number one. After Skipper left, the Danes caught on to him, and ousted Hans from the place. Hans went to the zoo to try and get a new base of operations whilst pretending to want to be friends with Skipper, but was defeated by him and was sent to the Hoboken Zoo.

He appears in The Hoboken Surprise. At first, he appears so happy he given up on his grudge against Skipper and the penguins. This Hans was later revealed to be an android duplicate, as the real one had been imprisoned by Frances Alberta, along with all the other animals at the zoo. The real one escaped along with the other animals and helps battle the android duplicates. He is seen in The Return of The Revenge of Dr. Blowhole, escaped the Hoboken Zoo after the events of The Hoboken Suprise and he is now working with Blowhole against the penguins. Although he may have been attacked by Blowholes Mind Jacker, and what had happened to him is unclear.

Hans also seems to dislike Savio, as in the episode Birds of a Weather, Hans wanted to be in charge of Barry's army instead of the "slippery and slimy snake". Savio told Hans he could "swallow him to the foot". Barry stopped their arguement and they left Hoboeken to go to the Central Park Zoo.

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