Hans Zeller is the primary antagonist of classic movie 'The Sound of Music'. Zeller is voiced by legendary voice actor Ben Wright.


Hans Zeller, is the mayor of the Austrian city presumed to be Salzburg. Hans Zeller is presumed to be a bitter nemesis of Captain Georg Von Trapp who served in the Navy in WWI. Hans Zeller is later appointed as the new Nazi president of Austria when Austria allies with Nazi Germany. 


Appearance: Mustachioed, handsome, fierce.

Allies: Nazi Party, Rolfe, Nazi soldiers, Adolf Hitler (presumably)

Enemies: Captain Von Trapp, Maria, Uncle Max, Nuns, Von Trapp children.

Likes: Power, fame, glory, getting what he wants, Nazism.

Dislikes: Not getting his way, being defied, Von Trapp's opposition to the Nazi Party.

Goal: To support the Nazis (Achieved) to make Captain Von Trapp be commissioned into the Nazi Navy.

Fate: Sees the Von Trapp family flee while he and his soldiers try to start their cars.


Hans Zeller first appears at a veteran party that Captain George Von Trapp hosts in the middle of the story. Hans Zeller is said to have been a bitter rival of George Von Trapp in the army due to their dislike for each other; evident when Zeller boasts that Austria would be taken over by Nazi Germany in no time; and when he thanks Trapp for a compliment he is given; Trapp angrily retorts "Oh how clumsy of me...I wanted to accuse you." This line as well as another scene where the Captain dismisses Rolfe the Nazi spy working undercover as a messanger; when Rolfe gives a Nazi salute; shows how opposed to Nazism the Captain is.

Later after the Captain marries the house maid, Maria, Hans Zeller's prediction comes true. While the Captain and Maria are in Paris France on vacation, Nazi Germany forms an alliance with Austria and the beliefs of Nazism, such as discrimination of Jews are spreaded and accepted across Austria except for the Von Trapp family. While Uncle Max prepares the kids for a concert in the Salzburg Music Festival, Hans Zeller is appointed by the Nazi Party, and Nazi leader Adolf Hitler; as the president of Austria in the new alliance; Zeller meets with the Von Trapp family to inform the city their new authorities; he informs Uncle Max and the kids that the Nazis led by Adolf Hitler, is going to take the Captain to Bremerhaven North Germany as soon as he returns; to hire him into the German Navy unconditionally; he asks Max to inform the captain this as soon as he returns to their estate.

However, in case the message does not get sent out, Hans Zeller has Nazi guards surround the Von Trapp estate; they catch the Von Trapp family fleeing in their car. Covering up their intents, the Captain claims that their car refused to start; when Zeller has his servant start the car it works; causing Zeller to suspect their opposition to the Nazis. Hans Zeller reminds the captain that he must go with them to Bremerhaven Germany to take the commission as Captain of the German navy. Captain Von Trapp feigns agreement, but says he cannot leave right away because his kids are participating in the Salzburg Festival. Hans Zeller initially is skeptical about what they are really doing, but when he sees clues such as the Festival list confirming the performance, and the kids agreeing with their parents, he agrees to let them perform but says that the captain must leave immediately after the performance for Bremerhaven.

After a nice concert, the Von Trapp family concludes their singing with famous song "So Long." Slowly during the concert, the family flees from the stage to run away from the Nazi guards. When the family concludes, Uncle Max gives the family much time to flee from the guards by announcing the runner-ups of the concert before announcing the Von Trapp family. When they do not show up, Hans Zeller realizes that they have escaped and has guards patrol the city. Eventually their search reaches a church; they initially do not find them, but Rolfe betrays the Von Trapp family by alerting guards; Hans Zeller and the Nazi guards see the family leaving in their automobile and try to pursue; however their cars refuse to start because some of Maria's peers in the church, sabotaged their vehicles; thus by the time they fix up their cars; the Von Trapps have already fled over the Alps mountains into Switzerland.

He is not seen or heard from again after the Nuns sabotage the car. It remains unknown if Zeller ever survived WWII.


* It remains unknown if Zeller ever saw the Von Trapp family again

* It remains unknown if Zeller survived WWII started a year after this story