Hanna Lowell

Hanna Lowell is a one-shot villainess from NCIS. She appeared in Season Two's penultimate episode, "SWAK."

She was portrayed by Mariette Hartley.

Hanna Lowell is a former activist who later became the CEO of Lowell Pharmaceuticals. However, after the rape case involving her daughter, Sarah, went cold with no arrests, Hanna sought revenge on NCIS, feeling that they lied to protect a midshipman she believed raped Sarah. In her revenge plot, the evil Hanna sent a "SWAK" letter consisting of a chemical known as Y. pestis, which is Latin for "plague," causing all of NCIS to be quarantined and infecting DiNozzo. At her office, Hanna demanded to Gibbs that NCIS admits their cover-up or they will not get the antidote for the plague. She also revealed that she is dying from an inoperable brain tumor, stating that her chances of being arrested are slim. Hanna is arrested anyway, and when she learns about someone being infected, she snarled that she hoped it was Westmoreland, who she suspected of raping Sarah. Sarah later admitted that wasn't raped, and she made it up to avoid family embarrassment.