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Full Name
Hank Scorpio
The Simpsons
Owner of Globex Corporations
Powers / Skills
Evil planning, superweapons
Threatening the United Nations; fighting the government
Conquering the USA East Coast
Type of Villain
Evil Genius / Friend of the Hero

♪ Scorpio! He'll sting you with his dreams of power and wealth. Beware of Scorpio! His twisted twin obsessions are his plot to rule the world And his employees' health.♪
~ The Simpsons; You Only Move Twice

Hank Scorpio is an evil genius and the millionaire owner of Globex Corporations who resides in Cypress Creek and plans to take over the USA east coast, which he eventually succeeds in doing. Although an evil genius and powerful villain, Hank is a kind, always cheerful and polite person to his subordinates, which makes him a very sympathetic guy. Also, unlike many supervillains, Scorpio cares for his own people of Cypress Creek, even going so far by offering his employees free dental care. Homer moves to Cypress Creek and becomes Scorpio's friend and favorite employee in the episode "You Only Move Twice", Scorpio's only canon appearance. Throughout the episode, Homer does a good job motivating Scorpio's employees in Globex's nuclear division (even going so far by offering them hancocks to calm them down from overworking), but he and his family are unaware of the fact that Scorpio is a criminal mastermind, despite his nice, friendly attitude towards them, contrasted by the arrogant, tyrannical behavior of Mr. Burns. Hank Scorpio is based on classic James Bond villains. He has a powerful arsenal of classic superweapons, including ray guns, flame-throwers, a doomsday machine and a laser-equipped satellite. He has threatened the United Nations by showing a video of his satellite laser destroying a bridge. His nemesis is a secret agent named James Bont (with T), who he successfully kills with a little bit of Homer's help (Homer knocks down Bont when the agent was trying to escape). Scorpio's base would later be invaded by several government agents, resulting in an epic battle which he ultimately won with the help of his weapons and his loyal people. During the battle, Homer (who is still completely unaware of Scorpio's occupation as a villain) talks to Scorpio about his family wanting to go back to Springfield because they are unhappy in Cyress Creek (such as Marge moping around and doing nothing as the house is capable of doing chores itself, Bart being sent to a remedial class because he cannot read cursive writing, and Lisa being allergic to all plants around Cypress Creek). Feeling somwhat empathic, Scorpio advises Homer to do what's best for his family and allows the Simpsons to return back to Springfield. After the Simpsons returned to Springfield, Homer received a letter from Scorpio showing his gratitude for Homer's helping him conquer the East Coast. He also sends the Danver Broncos football team as a gift, though Homer would have preferred the Dallas Cowboys. {C Scorpio would be later mentioned in the episode "Take My Life, Please", in which he is acknowledged as a philanthropist in the Springfield Wall of Fame. He also appeared in a comic book story, "Sandwiches are Forever", in which he is seen in a prison in Turkey for illegal smuggling of ray guns. Homer is sent to the same cell after stealing a sandwich and they both manage to escape. Hank Scorpio was also considered for the main villain role in The Simpsons Movie, but was replaced by Russ Cargill, likely due to Scorpio's friendship with Homer.

The Simpsons don't know (never will) that Hank Scorpio is a dangerous criminal mastermind, despite his somwhat cheerful and kind attitude towards them.

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