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Hanging Judge Hensley is the main antagonist of the "Hang Em High" event in Champions Online - during which hapless tourists to Burnside are ambushed by the vengeful Burnside Ghosts and prepared for execution by one of the most vengeful and dangerous spirits of all: Hanging Judge Hensley.

In order to save the completely innocent tourists from an unlawful lynching by the evil spirits heroes are required to battle through several rituals before finally confronting Hanging Judge Hensley himself - should the heroes fail to defeat him in time however it is implied the tourists are lynched.

Hanging Judge Hensley, like all the Burnside Ghosts, was a human during the Old West era and due to the curse set upon the town he - alongside countless other ghosts - still believe they are guarding their town from the "do-gooder" heroes and the tourists (who they seem to think are cattle-rustlers).

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