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Hand of Destiny's Symbol 1

Symbol 1

Hand of Destiny is evil organization in outer space in Monsuno Series. Its members are some kind of leaders of the Five Tribe's destiny, Petros is the Hand of Destiny's leader and its members are Terz, Alistair, Christoph and Dasha. The Hand of Destiny use Shape Shifter Monsunos that can take any Monsuno's shape in season 2, later the Hand of Destiny use the Alien Hybrid Monsunos in season 3. Later season 2's final episode Chase Suno and Team Core-Tech managed defeat the Hand of Destiny, but season 3 Digby Droog is new leader the Hand of Destiny, and he managed the save Petros, Terz and Dasha and Bookman is new member the Hand of Destiny. Season 3's final episode Chase Suno and Team Core-Tech managed defeat Droog and save to world.


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