Nakamura Hanako2

Hanako Nakamura the main antagonist of the second chapter, Hanako is a soul with the ability to transform others into inanimate objects. During her life, she was bullied on, and wears headphones to block out all external sounds. She goes mad after they are removed, and is eventually defeated.

Nakamura, originally, was a lively and intelligent girl, but because of the abuse of her companions came to feel like a wreck that only served thoughts about being molested and created the illusion of a school for shelter.


Rock and Ron entered at the school, after opening a classroom a draft fell on the head of Rock, while sneering Hanako appeared. At present this is offered to give them a tour still talking. When Rock and Ron were going to, she stopped them and told them they could not leave. She showed them a video about her life, her suffering in school and her death, which provoked an outburst of anger in Rock, there began the achievement fight.Hanako had cornered her but Rock managed to break free and destroyed her headphones, the voices of his classmates began to harass her and stay out of combat. Before killing Rock consoles saying her opinion of Hanako. Ends up being devoured by Dead.