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 Hammond is a soldier of the New fishman pirate serving under Hody Jones.


Birthday: July 17

Species: Fishman

Job: pirate/thug

Abilities and skills: being a fishman he has superhuman strength

Weapon: Hammond uses a shogun with a trawl net to capture his eneimie and later a battle tank using human slaves


Like Hody, he blindly hates humans but unlike Hody Jones. Hammond has yet to cross the Moral Event Horizon and despite Hammond's cruelty he is suprisingly thoughtful as he carefully listed the Straw Hats good and bad deeds and peaceful gave the Straw Hat's a chance to join the new Fishman Pirates. Like Hody Jones, if not all characters, Hammond hates the Celestial Dragons. Like several characters in One Piece Hammond has a strange laugh -hamo-hamo-hamo.

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