The boss tells me to do something, I do it. I ask him my opinion, he tells me. He wants me to be his little errand boy... I'll deliver.
~ Hammerhead.

Hammerhead is an antagonist in the video game Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions. He was one of the central antagonists in the Noir verse.

Personality and abilities

Like most criminals in the Noirverse, Hammerhead was loyal to Norman Osborn. As revealed through dialogue though, he also held the Goblin in disdain until he betrayed him entirely after unleashing the full power of the Fragment. Hammerhead was extremely short-tempered and arrogant, towards his own men in particular, once even brutally beating a thug for telling him the bad news, that the Spider was winning.

Up until using the fragment, Hammerhead did not seem to have superhuman abilities but rather was very strong. Noticeably, his forehead was the strongest part of his body which is how he got his name and his head butts were brutal, to the point were they completely incapacitated Spider-Man. He carried two large Tommy guns which he also used in combat and fought against Spider-Man with an automatic Gatling gun once. Furthermore, Hammerhead has some level of intelligence as he tricked the Spider twice by luring him into a trap and letting his guard down for an attack.

After coming into the possession of and finally utilising the fragment, Hammerhead grew a Gatling gun and a cannon on both of his arms. He also became much more stronger during his fight with Spider-Man whom he was able to evenly duel.