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Alica, better known as Hammer Girl, is a supporting antagonist in The Raid 2. She is a deaf-mute assassin who is working for Bejo and also appears to be accompanied by her brother Baseball Bat Man.

Her left eye is ruined and she has a large scar over where it should be. She wears sunglasses to hide this.

She was portrayed by Julie Estelle.


Alica and her younger brother grew up with their abusive father, who beat them until the siblings decided they had dealt with enough. They deiced to kill him. In this engagement, Alica's eye is damaged. Alica and her brother succeeded and killed their father. It was not long after this that Bejo recruited them as his assassins.

Bejo teamed up with Uco to start a war between rival gangs and to seize control of the empire of Uco's father. Alica was one of the assassins sent to kill their targets.

Alica is sent to take out the bodyguards of Japanese Yazuka leader Gato on a moving subway train. She defeats them all in combat with her signature weapons and then kills Gato himself.

Uco learns that Rama and Eka, two men in his father's gang, are undercover cops. Alica and her brother are sent to kill Rama. Rama and Alica fight ferociously, but Rama is able to dodge most of Alica's strikes. Rama manages to grab one of her hammers. He drives the claw into her throat, and despite her brother's plea, he tears her throat open.

She dies almost instantly.