Nobody beats The Hammer!
~ The Hammer
The hammer

The Hammer is the main villain in the episode "Rage Against the TV" of Regular Show. He is the final boss of a video game that Mordecai and Rigby are playing. His only weakness is furniture. His body is composed of the following:

.T.V. - Face

.Controllers - Arms

.Game System - Torso

.Plugs - Feet

.Wires - Arms and Legs

He was defeated when Mordecai and Rigby defeated him in-game, killing The Hammer in the real world.


The Hammer, along with the other villains of Regular Show, were revived by Garrett Bobby Ferguson Jr. to exact vengeance against the Park workers. He was once again defeated when the park's new member, Thomas, sign the document that will turn the Park as a historical landmark and all the villains were returned back to Hell (or as what Garret Bobby Ferguson Jr. calls it "the fiery center of the earth").