Hamilton Johnson is the main badguy in the comedy Fletch Lives, the second in the Fletch series of films.

He was played by Hal Holbrook.


When Fletch finds out that he's inherited a plantation in Louisana, he heads there and soon his aunt's lawyer is killed and fingers are pointed at him as the only suspect. Desperate to make light of this, he disguises himself and investigates the townspeople. One of the townspeople is a television evangelist, Jimmy Lee Farnsworth, who's constructing a christian theme park and tries to talk Fletch into giving him his land.  

Fletch suspects that he might be the possible culprit, but investigates further.  As he looks deeper, he discovers a chemical company is planning on dumping toxic waste on his land and the authorization is set in motion by Hamilton Johnson, an attorney, who plans to get revenge on Jimmy Lee for convinceing his mother to sell her land over to him and also admits that he's the murderer of his aunt's lawyer.  Fletch and Becky manage to escape Hamilton and Ben Dover, just before they're about to kill them and head to her dad, through the christian theme park.Ben Dover ends up trapped in a ride and Fletch and Becky reach Jimmy Lee. But Hamilton catches up with them and attempts to shoot Fletch, but is shot and killed by the FBI.