Hamidon is the most powerful of all villains in the City Of Heroes videogame franchise, so powerful in-fact that the monster provides one of the biggest "raid" style events in the game - known affectionately as a Hami Raid, it showcases the colossal might of the entity as it takes a large number of top-rate heroes (and villains) to work together to even stand a chance against it. In return, players are granted powerful boosts for defeating Hamidon.

Hamidon was once human but evolved into a godlike entity similiar in many ways to an amobea - magnified to terrifying proportions, referenced as a super-organism Hamidon is no longer a singular being but rather a massive network of collected beings that plans on devouring everything it comes across - Hamidon may be the ultimate source for the villainious race known as Devouring Earth (plant and element-based monsters found roaming the world) and if so is using them to further its ultimate goal of expanding and absorbing the world into itself.