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Hamegg showing off his robots.

I thought I raised you better. Are you blind? He's a robot!
~ Hamegg after he zaps Astro Boy with his cattle prod
What's the matter with you? They're just machines! They'll do what I tell them!
~ Hamegg

Hamegg is the hidden secondary antagonist of the 2009 adaptation of Astro Boy.

A slimy showman, Hamegg keeps orphaned children under his thumb and has a grudge on Dr. Tenma since he fired him from the Ministry of Science. Even worse, he is in charge of gladiator-style robot games in which robots fight each other until one of them is killed. When Astro Boy learns of his vile deeds, Hamegg blasts him with a cattle prod and forces him to attend the games. Astro fights off Hamegg's thugs, but when the giant robot Zog attends and pats his head, Hamegg, enraged, threatens to turn them both off but is eventually defeated by Zog.


  • Hamegg is voiced by Nathan Lane.
  • His personality is reminiscent of Fagin, the Coachman, and Stromboli.

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