Hamada is an ex-retainer of Gohda in Tenchu: Wrath of Heaven. He had been involved in Echigoya's plans to sell girls as slaves to neighboring states. At Gohda's Castle, Hamada plans a huge mutiny against his master, when Rikimaru slips into the castle, slips past Gohda's men, and executes the traitor Hamada. This sets of a ninja invasion of the castle.

In Ayame's story, Hamada betrays his masters, takes him hostage and demands that he have the Jewel of Virtue. On Hamada's que, ninja take over the castle floor-to-floor. As Ayame reaches Hamada, he demands she and Sekiya leave or he will kill Gohda. Ayame wounds Hamada by throwing a shuriken at his shoulder then she cuts down the traitor. Then suddenly, Tenrai's voice emenated from Hamada's corpse.