Edward! Sometimes I'm really afraid of you! In which world do you live?
~ Lady Lebanon
In mine, mother.
~ Lord Edward Lebanon, aka the Halstuchmörder

The Halstuchmörder is the main antagonist in the movie "Das indische Tuch" (the indian scarf) based on the book with the same name by Edgar Wallace. He's a serial killer who strangles his victims with an indian scarf from the rear. At the end, he turns out to be Lord Edward Lebanon, son of the dead Lord Percival Ebanon. He finally dies by falling out of the window. He was portrayed by Hans Clarin.

Victims Edit

After he killed his father Lord Percival, Edward also killed eight of the nine possible inheritors of Lord Percival:

  • Lord Percival Lebanon (his father)
  • Peter Ross (possible inheritor)
  • Mr. Tilling (possible inheritor)
  • Mrs. Tilling (possible inheritor)
  • Sir Hockbridge (possible inheritor)
  • Dr. Amersham (possible inheritor)
  • Reverend Hastings (possible inheritor)
  • Chiko (possible inheritor)
  • Lady Lebanon (his mother and possible inheritor)