180px-Halon Oni (child)


Halon Oni is a character of Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo. He is called Maloney Oni in the dub. He is the first of the  Maruhage Empire]'s Four Heavenly Kings.


Halon was seen watching the fight beetween Bo-bobo and Dark Yasha. When Don Patch complains about having no place to fight, Halon tries to stab him with his tail, only to have the hajike master push Heppokomaru in his way.  </p>

110px-Halon Kopatch

Ko-patch Halon-oni

Halon tries to kill Don Patch first, but Hanpen takes his attack, leaving the fishcake man's head in the shape of a crab! This attack on Hanpen angers Don Patch and his anger boils over to the point where he becomes Ikarin Patch. Ikarin Patch is much too fast to be hit by any of Halon's attacks, and (to make matters worse for Halon) gains a new, more powerful form each time his anger increases! Ikarin Patch defeats Halon with an angry stream of fast punches, but right before losing consciousness, Halon prays to his god that one day, he can be just like the man he was beaten by. His prayers are answered, and a large lightning bolt strikes Halon, turning him into... a Kopatch! Halon seems content with his new form, and he is never seen again in the series.


  • While most of the Hajikegumi Kopatches are orange with blue shoes (like Don Patch), Halon's Kopatch form is blue with red shoes.