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Halloween Scorchio

Halloween Scorchio

Halloween Scorchio is a Halloween alter-ego version of the Scorchios of the line who appeared on Neopets, when a player buys a Halloween Paintbrush that will transform a Scorchio into a monster-like form. On the site Deviantart, a Halloween Scorchio named Cimetiere appear on a fan-fiction as a main villain. The Halloween Scorchios are very popular on the internet. He can become a parody of a Poltergeist Henry Kane who kidnaps children or the Count Dracula.


Halloween Scorchio has a vampire-razor sharp teeth in his mouth, his eyes becomes a orange-yellow and his black eyebrows appear on his eyes, he has a black hair, he has the werewolf hairs, his claws grows, he has a hat on his head, he has a stick with a skull. The Halloween Scorchio becomes scary and an undead during his transformation.


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